Lockdown Lane tells the story of the courageous kids of Lansdown lane who during the 2020 crisis of Covid-19 are faced with a new challenge when their street name is taken back by the local council.

With gumption and determination despite all they have lost, they set out to gather signatures for their petition. Whilst doing so, they discover that their communities are in trouble and its up to them to help. In the process, they prove that the youth of today are our future and something we should all be very proud of.

Musical Numbers

  • The Beginning-Underscore
  • Social Media-Underscore
  • Lockdown Lane-Musical Number
  • Will you Sign? (Petition Song)
  • The Youth Of Today
  • The Youth of Today Reprise 1
  • The Youth of Today Reprise 2
  • Will You Sign-Playoff/Scene Change
  • The Flash Mob Song-(Dance)
  • Social Media Sounds
  • For Connie
  • Lockdown Lane Reprise
  • Bows


  • The Introduction
  • Scene 1-The Beginning
  • Scene 2-The Plan
  • Scene 3a-The Community
  • Scene 3b-The Shuffles
  • Scene 3c-The Husband
  • Scene 3d-The New Kid
  • Scene 4-The Community
  • Scene 5-The Billboard
  • Scene 6-The Youth Of Today
  • Scene 7-The Lawyer
  • Scene 8-The News
  • Scene 9-The Celebration
  • Scene 10-The Phonecall

Cast List

Lansdown Kids

Principal Parts: 6

  • Harry: the natural leader
  • Frankie: sassy, one of the eldest
  • Charlie: the youngest and super cute
  • Juliette: Charlie’s best friend
  • Elana: a kindhearted kid
  • Jorja: a kid of the street

Kids of the Street

  • Evie
  • Georgie
  • Tom
  • Henry
  • Georgia
  • Max
  • Lily
  • Mia
  • Mikey: the ‘new kid’

Other Characters

These can be doubled up

  • Mr Shuffles: elderly man
  • Mrs Shuffles: elderly lady
  • Mr Taylor: Connie’s husband
  • Mrs White: just moved in with her son, the new kid
  • Lawyer: has his own law firm
  • Advertising agent: works for a marketing company
  • Fitness instructor Jackie: high energy and totally bonkers

Audio preview

  •     Lockdown Lane (Sample edit)
  •     Will you Sign (sample Edit)
  •     Youth of Today (Sample edit)
  •     Youth of Today Reprise (Sample Edit)
  •     For Connie (Sample edit)